Apply to be editor-in-chief of Phi Psi Cli 2010-2011 yearbook! Contact Lesley Cowie at for an application. Applications for section editors and staff members will be available soon.

Requirements to apply:

  • 2 Faculty/Staff written recommendations
  • Be available to interview with the Media Board on March 9

General Position Description:

  • Helps train staff to use computer desktop publishing software such as InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Coordinates and oversees photography, layout and staff to ensure a smooth operation and that deadlines are met.
  • Formulates and distributes staff meeting agendas and presides over the meetings.
  • Responsible for assignments not fulfilled by executive staff and provides support and assistance with assignments when necessary.
  • Responsible for completion of the sections of the book not assigned to a specific editor (i.e. Mini-mag, Opening, Closing, etc…)
  • Coordinates with the photography company and People Editor for student photos.
  • Coordinates the distribution of the book in the fall.
  • Works with Adviser to coordinate and attend summer yearbook retreat/workshop.
  • Prepares fall staff retreat/workshop (assisted by Adviser).
  • Serves as liaison between Staff and Adviser.

The application and recommendations will be due to Lesley Cowie by March 5, 2010.


DALLAS – The Elon University yearbook staff has been recognized by Taylor Publishing with an Award of Excellence honoring its accomplishments in yearbook design and coverage. The Elon University yearbook is a theme feature in the 2010 YearbookYearbook. Judges selected this yearbook among the best of the best for 2009.

“With this edition of YearbookYearbook, Taylor has been showing off great student work for 24 consecutive years. I remember the thrill when my little school was first recognized in the 1990 YearbookYearbook,” editor Marilyn Scoggins said. “That was over 21 years ago and still brings a smile to my face. It took us by surprise and served as the genesis for great student work from that point forward. When I look at the design, coverage and content in today’s yearbooks, I’m taken aback. Your outstanding work will long be appreciated five, ten, fifteen years from now when pages are flipped and stories are told. Congratulations to every school recognized in this 24th edition. Taylor Publishing proudly honors the best of the best in YearbookYearbook, and journalists across the nation will appreciate your stellar work as they make plans for their 2011 book.”

Yearbooks published by Taylor for the 2009 school year were evaluated in one or more of the following areas: cover design, theme development, layout design, photo content and secondary packages. Taylor Publishing names only the top five percent of yearbook staffs as the best of the best for their outstanding yearbook achievement.

“Being selected for YearbookYearbook is like being handed an Oscar, an acknowledgement of superior quality,” education specialist Judi Coolidge said. “But more important, your work will be admired by thousands of student journalists who use YearbookYearbook as an inspiration to ignite their creative process.”

Taylor Publishing, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a major publisher of yearbooks nationwide and the industry’s leader in digital technology, education and curriculum. Taylor provides training, technical support and printing services to elementary school, middle school, high school and college yearbook staffs.

Image courtesy of ABC News

Is the era of signing, swapping and flipping through yearbooks a historic and forgotten tradition? Some universities seem to think so. A 2008 ABC News article reported the University of Texas (a school of 50,000 students) received a grand total of 60 students during student photo day.

Barely more than 2 percent of the entire UT population purchased a yearbook. Unfortunately, the University of Texas is not the only college having trouble vamping up yearbook enthusiasm. Other colleges have opted to discontinue their annual publications because of the lack of school-wide participation, including Perdue, Depaw and Mississippi State.

In middle school, buying a yearbook was considered hip. Getting your picture into a widely-read publication was exciting.

What happened to our enthusiasm? Where is our zest to create memories and take part in a publication that is deserving of respect? This is not a scrap-book, multi-colored, sad-attempt at a yearbook. The Phi Psi Cli is a beautiful, glossy-paged publication with feautures, news, sports and a plethora of professional photography. And unlike most universities in the U.S., the Elon yearbook is free.

So what’s your excuse? What is preventing you from becoming a participant in some way, shape or form? Whether it’s producing content, taking photos, having your photo taken or just picking up your very own copy, we want you to be a part of this book!

If you attended the homecoming tailgating extravaganza, you very well may have been captured on camera. You can order prints online at the Phi Psi Cli Shutterfuly account!

Here are some examples from the fun-filled weekend:















































New Feature!

Every week, the Phi Psi Cli blog will feature an Elon event or news story under or new pag: Campus Events. This week, I’ve posted a story about Frank Turek’s visit to Elon last week and his talk on the existence of God and suffering.

Check it out and keep coming back for more awesome stories, updates and photos!

The future holds a plethora of opportunities…that’s right: a plethora – an p_photographeroverabundance.

In 10 years, you may be a news anchor, a CEO, a lawyer, doctor or even a parent – the future is yours. We are often so eager for the future that we forget to savor the now. On Nov. 10, many of you seniors may be tempted to forgo senior picture day. But think about what you’re bypassing when you walk past our table and pretend to ignore the very blatant sign: SENIOR PHOTO DAY!

We’re providing a free opportunity for you to not only have a fabulous photo of yourself published in the yearbook, but to also have a lasting memory. In 10 years, you may that you chose to take a 10-minute nap, rather than sit for a photo. Just remember these are your memories. This is YOUR senior year. Take a moment and sit for your senior portrait.

You won’t regret it.

Purchase high-quality, professional photographs taken by Phi Psi Cli photographers at Elon’s 2009 Homecoming. Visit the gallery and browse through hundreds of great photos.


4×6: $1

5×7: $5

8×10: $10

Or purchase a box of 12 cards for only $12.

Photos are some of the best ways to preserve lasting memories, and events like Homecoming are exciting times for students and alumni alike.